This section offers a brief look at the types of assigned space available for use at the PGC. General environmental parameters are given as an aid in selecting the appropriate space for your project. A floor plan of the building is also available.


Two styles of greenhouse exist at the PGC. Ranges 177-179 feature 29 ‘lean-to’ style greenhouses, each consisting of 288 square feet of bench top. Bench dimensions are 6′ by 24′. The benches are removable to allow for large containers to sit on the floor. Set point temperatures range from: Day time 65F-80F, night time 50F-75F. A 15F maximum day-night temperature differential is allowed.

The West Wing is a 40′ by 72′ even span greenhouse that has 22 benches. Bench size is 5′ by 15′. Set points are 72F day temperature and 65F night temperature. A 16 hour photoperiod is maintained in this greenhouse. The West Wing greenhouse features a automatic thermal/shade curtain that closes on winter evenings and during the third stage of cooling.

Growth Rooms

Eight walk-in Conviron growth rooms are available in the PGC. Growth Rooms 1-3 and 6 have 96 square feet of bench top, which are removable for larger scale projects. All growth rooms have a light intensity of 3000 foot candles. Growth rooms 9 and 10 have 160 square feet of bench top and have a double door to retard escape of plant pathogens. They are most commonly used for native pathogen work (powdery mildews, rusts, bacterial leaf spots…). Growth rooms 1-3, 6, 9, and 10 have a 5C-40C temperature range. Growth room 11 is an ultra-low room (-25C) that belongs to the winter wheat breeding project. Growth room 12 is set up for vernalization, and runs a constant 4C with 12 hour photoperiod.

Growth Chambers

There are 22 growth chambers ranging from 7 square feet to 36 square feet. Standard environmental conditions are 5C-40C temperature range with up to 3000 foot candles of light. The three large chambers (PGC 6-8) have 8000 foot candles of light intensity.

Plant Pathology Isolation Units

Plant Pathology Isolation Units consist of a small headhouse with attached greenhouse. There are four of these units available, which are primarily used for research dealing with native pathogens such as rusts and mildews. The greenhouse portion has 105 square feet of bench top.

Containment Facility

Both macro and micro level containment labs and greenhouses are available to PGC users. Greenhouse space consists of three macro level bays and one micro containment greenhouse. Specific details on space availability and policy can be addressed to: Dr. Jeff Littlefield, Quarantine Officer at 406-994-4722, or e-mail

Details on support facilities available to PGC users can be found in the PGC Policy Manual under the “Non-assigned PGC Support Facilities” section.